I Information about organisation

Name of organization: “Tieto Latvia” LTD
Year your organization started: 1992
Address: Ropažu iela 10
Zip code/City: Riga
Country: Latvia
Contact person: Agita Kārkliņa
Phone: +371 25955537
E-mail: agita.karklina@tieto.com
Web site: www.tieto.lv/gudrinieks

In what field is organisation operating?

Education (All trainings which are not job or business creation related)

Use the space below if you want to specify

Tieto Latvia is an IT company. Mobile application Gudrinieks was created for educational purposes.

What are the main target groups organization serves? (several possible answers)

Trainers, counselors, coaches

Other (specify)

Preschool and first two grade schoolchildren

From the following list, please select all the different ICT-related services/activities available at your organization [Select ALL that apply]

Advanced ICT Skills Development [programming, web development and design]

Access to online courses offered by formal or non-formal educational institutions

What other additional services/activities does your organization offer? [Select ALL that apply]

Social/Government services (i.e housing, childcare, schools, health etc.)

Which is the annual overall/income level of your organization? [Select ONE]

Don't know

II Information on the good practice

Title of the Good Practice

Mobile application “GUDRINIEKS” (Wise One)

Country of origin of GP


Starting year of the GP


In case of a European project Select all countries involved


GP scope


Status of implementation

Ongoing/under implementation

Relevant GP domain(s)

Education, training and certification

Target group addressed by the good practice

Trainers, counselors, coaches

Other (specify)

Preschool and first two grade schoolchildren

Educational types used in this GP

Non formal education for adults

Summary of the good practice

Mobile application “GUDRINIEKS” (Wise One) is a free educational tool designed for preschool, first and second grade schoolchildren to learn mathematics, as well as to develop mathematical understanding, skills and strengthen the knowledge base acquired at school. 

Aim of application ”Gudrinieks”  is in an interesting and dynamic way  improve and develop children's mathematical skills, contribute to the understanding of mathematics, improve knowledge acquired in school, and promote children's interest in mathematics, thus meaningfully use mobile devices (smart phones and tablets).

The tasks included in the application are developed based on recommendations by the National Centre for Education and grouped thematically, offering children an opportunity to:

• learn and recognise numbers;

• learn how to draw numbers;

• develop spatial sense;

• recognise geometric shapes and colours;

• develop logical thinking;

• add and subtract;

• multiply and divide;

• solve word problems.

Objectives of the GP (Please use active verbs)

  • Develop children mathematical skills;
  • Contribute to the understanding of mathematics;
  • Improve knowledge acquired in school;
  • Promote children's interest in mathematics

Long term goals:

  • improve the results of centralized mathematics exam;
  • increase the number of students of sciences in universities

What problem does this GP answer?

Results show that in the last years the number of students of the sciences has dropped, grades of mathematic exams are drastically low and the demand of young professionals in IT industry is higher than the offer in the job market.

As IT company, we are interested in the development of children so that in the future they could choose to study computing sciences and the lack of mathematical skills wouldn’t be the reason they can’t do it.

The tasks in the application were developed together with the methodologists from the “National Centre for Education” and according to the educational program of schools in Latvia so the application can also be used in educational processes.

Working method(s) used this GP


Classroom training session 

Resources needed and/or used to perform the GP

Mobile device and dowloaded application

Description of the tools needed and/or used to perform the GP (Please paste relevant links)

Application is downloadable on mobile devices – Android and iOS.

Tools specifically developed for the GP (Please describe)

Mobile application “Gudrinieks”.

Activities: (Describe the activities involved in the GP)

Media event for promotion

Press releases

Social media

 Info material distribution in preschool and school, in exhibition “School 2014”

Which challenges did you encounter while implementing the GP? (Please list item)

No specific challenges

What were the corrective actions (if any) implemented to overcome the challenges?

Sources of funding

The costs were covered by Tieto Latvia

Budget: What is the estimated budget of the GP?

0 – 50.000€

How many beneficiaries are there of this GP?

The number of downloads has reached 11000

Do you evaluate the results/outcomes of the GP?


What quality criteria do you use to evaluate the GP?

  • Active usage of application among children
  • Teachers using application in learning process

What methods do you use to evaluate the results?

Combination of qualititive and quantitive methods

Please describe shortly:

Review form in “Google Play”, interviews with parents and teachers

According to the evaluation, what are the results of the GP?

In “Google Play” application has been evaluated by 331 users with the average evaluation 4,3 (from 5 possible), the total number of downloads in „Google Play” is more than 7000.

Positive feedback received from parents and preschool and school teachers and applications is recognized as one of the most useful for children in Latvia.

How do you believe you can ensure long-term sustainability/viability of the GP?

By broaden the tasks of application and more actively involving teachers 

What is the potential for scaling up?

Language version development - English, Russian, Lithuanian, Estonian

Broaden the scope of tasks

Meetings with teachers